Dr. Nancy

Dr. Nancy is the Visionary/CEO of First Fruit Natural Healing Home. This oasis is located in Lithonia, GA just 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta, GA and sits on 5 beautiful acres. First Fruit is a passageway to serenity of the soul, it was founded on a mission to heal mind, body and soul, a place to experience relaxation, positive
atmosphere and therapeutic treatments.

Prior to becoming a professional business owner, speaker and educator, Dr. Nancy held one of the most prestigious positions in the world; for almost 20 years she served as an Air Traffic Controller, becoming the first African American Female to certify as an Air Traffic Controller at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Dr. Nancy is an accomplished author with a book called “Divine You” Mind, Body & Soul which include chapters like; “The Complete Step By Step Detox Guide For A Healthy Happier You,” “Detoxing Into Your Best Self,” “Nutrition and Meal Plans For Beginners,” and “Juicing For Beginners;”.

Dr. Nancy is the co/founder of the “On Purpose Foundation,” the developer & co/educator of; Know Thyself “Inner Journey” course and co/educator of “The Treasure Box;” these interactive healing studies are guides to discovering your Identity (who you are), Purpose (why are you here) and Destiny (where are you going) — they build self-esteem, self-empowerment, self-confidence.

Dr. Nancy has her own radio show called “Holistic Healing with Dr. Nancy, every Monday and Wednesday from 2pm-3pm on Atlanta’s Love 860 AM, or internationally on the web at www.love860.com. This dynamic one-hour program focuses on the whole person for healing and restoration of the mind, body and soul.

Dr. Nancy is a member of University of Sedona Alumni Association, a member of the National Association of Women Owned Small Businesses, Inc, member of Word of Faith Love Center, member of Atlanta Business League and a member of the Atlanta Concerned Black Clergy, where she also co-chairs their health committee.

To Book Dr. Nancy as a speaker call 770-484-4745.